International Video Mapping Competition - iMapp Bucharest - Winners League

Organized by Bucharest City Hall, through CREART - Centre for Creation, Art and Tradition of Bucharest Municipality, on September 23rd , 2023, in Constitution Square

Access to iMapp Bucharest – Winners League 2023 for participants (spectators) is free

1. The access of the participants to the event “iMapp Bucharest – Winners League 2023” will take place on September 23rd , 2023, from 11AM to 11PM.

2. The access of the participants to the event venue will be only through the gates provided by the organizer, namely the gates on Bd. Libertății near the intersection with Calea 13 Septembrie and Națiunile Unite Blvd.

3. Access to participants will be on a first-come, first-served basis, depending on the
capacity of the event venue.

4. Participants will go through a security check and all shoulder bags, backpacks, bags and packages will be checked by legally authorized security personnel in accordance with the law.

5. The organizer / Bucharest City Hall through CREART – Centre for Creation, Art and
Tradition of Bucharest Municipality, recommends participants to use a small bag/

6. Access will not be granted to persons who are prejudicial, slanderous, and abusive to
gate staff, exhibit inappropriate behavior that affect the atmosphere of the event and the experience of the participants.

7. The organizer reserves the right to deny access to the event to those who refuse security control or to persons who are suspected of endangering other participants or the smooth running of the event.

8. The organizer reserves the right to temporarily restrict access to the event when the
capacity of the venue is reached or when the organizer deems it necessary for the safety
of the participants. The length of the waiting time to enter the event may vary
depending on the situation.

9. Children under the age of 14 may enter the event area only if accompanied by at least
one legal representative (parent, guardian) who is directly responsible for the safety of
the minor. Minors over the age of 14 must show proof of age with a valid ID to be allowed unaccompanied access.

10. People with disabilities will have access, with one attendant, to a specially constructed platform at the event.

Participants are not allowed with:

11. soft drinks, alcoholic beverages, glass or plastic containers, food, canned food;

12. bicycles, scooters, longboards, skateboards, rollerblades, roller skates, segways,
unicycles, hoverboards; The organizer provides a bicycle parking lot at the entrance of
the event;

13. toxic, flammable or explosive materials, stun sprays and pyrotechnic items;

14. lasers, banners, flags;

15. weapons, knives, chains or any other blunt objects / bladed weapons, prohibited
substances, drugs;

16. drones or other equipment that can be hoisted above participants;

17. flyers, samples or other promotional products for distribution at the event.
Information and Recommendations

18. In front of the stage, the noise produced can be much higher than the level advisable for children, so the organizer recommends using special headphones to protect children’s hearing.

19. Stage shows include bright lights that can affect people with epilepsy.

20. For situations requiring medical assistance, the event provides emergency interventions with dedicated medical teams on site.

21. For the safety of participants, please do not ride bicycles, scooters, etc. in the vicinity of the event, i.e. on Unirii Blvd., the segment between Splaiul Independenței and Constitution Square, respectively on Libertății Blvd., the road segment between Calea 13 Septembrie and Națiunile Unite Blvd., and on their pavements.

22. The organizer takes all necessary measures to ensure that there are no incidents during the event that could affect or endanger the safety of the participants. However, as a precautionary measure, the organiser advises participants to locate the nearest emergency exit, even if the probability of an incident occurring is very low.

Obligations of participants

23. Throughout the event, participants are required to behave and behave in a manner that does not affect the safety, rights and integrity of other participants.

24. To exit the event, participants are required to use the exit gates only.

25. The parking of participants at the exit gates is prohibited; it is also prohibited to block the flow of people that naturally occurs near the exit gates.

26. Participants are obliged to cooperate and respect the instructions of the organiser’s
representatives and security agents.

27. Participants are obliged to notify the organizer or security officers of any irregularities they report during their participation in the event.

28. It is forbidden to sell products and distribute promotional materials or other advertising, both in the event venue and near the entrance/exit gates to the event.

29. The organizer reserves the right to evict from the event, in accordance with legal
provisions, participants who do not comply with the above obligations.

Proof of age

30. The sale of alcoholic beverages to persons under 18 is prohibited by law. Merchants in the event area may ask for ID to verify the age of consumers.


31. Access to the event with pets/dogs is allowed, with the exception that they must be kept on a leash and large animals must be muzzled (pet owners are solely responsible for the actions of their animals).

32. Participants who choose to bring their pets are required to clean after their dogs,
otherwise penalties will be applied according to the law.

33. However, the organiser recommends that participants do not bring pets to the event, as it is expected that there will be a large audience and the noise produced may be far above the level they can tolerate.


34. In order to keep the event area clean, please dispose of garbage and household waste in the bins provided on site.

35. During the event, the Organiser and the accredited press have the right to record/
photograph the event. By being present at the event, members of the public give their
consent to appear in the photographs and recordings taken and their subsequent use by the organiser for non-commercial purposes.
The organiser is not responsible for:
– theft, loss or destruction of participants’ personal property;
– force majeure.

Bucharest City Hall
through CREART – Centre for Creation, Art and Tradition of Bucharest Municipality