To mark the celebration of the 561 years since the first documentary attestation of Bucharest, the Bucharest Municipality, through Creart, organizes the special project ”Bucharest – One Heart. One Story.”, which will reach the most important areas of the Capital, emphasizing the art’s capacity both to traverse various environments and social contexts, as well as to celebrate the city through unity, messages, colors and beauty.

This project brings together: Urban Art Exhibition in Motion: personalized trams with graffiti (September 20 – December 10); iMapp Bucharest 2020 Online Festival (September 16-19); Video projections on the façades of 3 buildings located in the heart of the city – the National Theater „I.L. Caragiale”, InterContinental Hotel and the University of Bucharest (September 20).

iMapp Bucharest, organized every year during the event “Bucharest Days” – on the occasion of the city’s celebration, has won many fans in the Capital, in the country and around the world. This year, the festival will take place in a special format, which takes into account the need for physical distance and the safety of citizens: thus, one of the most important 3D video mapping events in the world, an international competition organized annually by the Bucharest Municipality, through Creart, which in 2019 became Winners League, will take place online this year.

One of the most recent memorable stories from “Bucharest Days” will be told using modern means of communication, addressing both local, national and international audiences, who show a major interest in this event and in this emerging art form – video mapping.

The iMapp Bucharest 2020 Online Festival will follow two complementary lines:

  • iMapp Talks (September 16-18)

For three days, between September 16 and 18, the most important voices in the international world of video mapping will gather in webinars and conferences with directors of the most famous light festivals in the world, international artists, organizers and specialists in video projection, respectively over 20 speakers in 6 live and recorded sessions, moderated by Vlad Craioveanu. iMapp Talks will take place daily, from Wednesday to Friday, between 10:30 and 11:30 and from 12:00 to 13:00 (Bucharest time).

These online mini-events are dedicated to the general public and to the field of visual arts. The streaming will be available to those interested on the iMapp Bucharest online channels.

Session 1:
Session 2:
Session 3:

Session 4:
Session 5:

Session 6: 

  • Online retrospective of the iMapp Bucharest Festival (Saturday, September 19)

iMapp Bucharest Online Festival will culminate with a retrospective of all editions (from I to VI), including the best works projected over the years in this international video mapping competition, respectively those of the winners of the Jury Award and the Public’s Choice Award of each year. iMapp Bucharest 2020 will be a 100% virtual edition and will take place on Saturday, September 19, at 20:00 (Bucharest time). During the live streaming, the public will be able to choose their favorite by voting online.

iMapp retrospective:

2. Video projections on the façades of 3 buildings located in the heart of the city – University Square (Sunday, September 20)

In order to offer to the public, in safe conditions, an unique show, with a strong message – “Bucharest – One Heart. One Story.” – and also to generate an echo this year locally, nationally and internationally, given the current situation, video projections will take place on the façades of three buildings in University Square, important landmarks in the history of the city: the National Theater “I.L. Caragiale”InterContinental Hotel and the University of Bucharest. The projections will be without sound, and the artistic content will be in a loop, so that we can avoid congestion.

These projections will animate the center of the Capital on Sunday, September 20, on the Bucharest Day, between 20:30 and 23:00. Three of the most important teams of video artists in Romania will create video content on the theme “Bucharest – One Heart. One Story. ”. Different animations will run on each building, which will be synchronized to create a perfect show.

The project „Bucharest – One Heart. One Story. ” has its core in the solidarity campaign “One World. One Heart.”, initiated by the International Video Mapping Festival iMapp Bucharest, organized by Bucharest Municipality, through Creart, through which a message of solidarity and hope was sent – that echoed worldwide, in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Details on: f/iMappBucharest

The International Solidarity Campaign „One World. One Heart”

#staybrave #strongertogether #lovecandoanything

Under the motto ”One World. One Heart”, iMapp Bucharest – one of the most important video mapping events worldwide (the binder of an international circuit of visual arts), organized by Bucharest City Hall through Creart – Bucharest Municipality Center for Creation, Art and Tradition – has launched an artistic initiative that brings a message of solidarity and hope all around the world, in the international context of the coronavirus pandemic, that has generated the current measures of social distancing as a necessary preventive measure.

The public awareness project of the mutual support – „One World. One Heart”, implemented internationally through visual arts, was made pro bono by the artists involved and it was technically and logistically supported by partners, without costs from the budget of Bucharest City Hall or from Creart.

46 international visual artists were invited to create 3D animations with a duration of 10 seconds, starting from the same visual template – a heart, that strengthened worldwide, through the creative force, the message of the solidarity campaign. The artworks were reunited into a single video that will be simultaneously projected on the façades of buildings from all over the world: Bucharest (Romania), Budapest (Hungary), Monterrey (Mexico), Seattle (U.S.A.).

In Bucharest, these artworks will be projected on the façade of the Palace of Parliament on April 17th 2020, 10 PM local time (9 PM CET) and they will be presented to the public, online, through a live streaming, on iMapp Bucharest Facebook Page:

The theme of this awareness campaign is ”One World. One Heart.”, reinforced by the hashtags #staybrave – a tribute to the front line heroes in the battle against the coronavirus, who put themselves at risk every single day // #strongertogether – a message to all the people that stay home in order to save many others (together we are stronger and only like this we can make a difference) // #lovecandoanything – a representation of how art is capable of showing the most noble feelings.

With the support of: George. First intelligent banking.

Visual art curator: Maxin10sity

Video integrator: 360 Revolution

With the support of: Chamber of Deputies

Contributing Artists Country
AVA Animation Canada
RadugaDesign Russia
Romera Spain
MindscapeStudio Romania
Illuminarium3000 Russia
Limelight Hungary
Motionlab Romania
GongZhen China
Flightgraf Japan
Nullpixel Mexico
UML Austria
René and Andrzej Netherlands
MOJO Studio Portugal
MarcoMorgese Italy
Michele Pusceddu Italy
George Berlin US
Maxin10sity Hungary
Les Ateliers Nomad Romania
Chema Siscar Spain
Dux Animation Mexico
John Sabbat Brazil
Kaizer Vilmos Hungary
Ángel Sandimas Spain
Roman Gomes Argentina
Subjeck Matter Thaliand
Magic Innovations Ukraine
Michal Nárovec (Zuckmantel postproduction s.r.o) Czech-Republic
Jorden Nash US
Sunnana inc. Japan
Nader Kamel Egypt
Haselbusch Austria
OUT Collective Portugal
DizArt Ukraine
VPM Spain
Alice Felloni Italy
Studio Trika India
EVM Germany/Ukraine
Jeremy Oury France
Neba Studio Macau
Julia Shamsheieva Ukraine
AV Exciters France
Luca Nicolosi Italy
From Object to Studio Thailand
Luna Festival Netherlands