In 2014, Bucharest celebrated 555 years from the first recorded mention of the city. Among the events that were held with this occasion was the first edition of one of the biggest architectural video mapping shows in the world using the most impressive projection surface in Romania.

The Palace façade was deconstructed and reconstructed again from pure light by 5 well known teams of visual artists For a magical night, the Façade of the Palace of Parliament was transformed in a huge projection screen. Each show had a symbolic length of 5 minutes and 55 seconds. The big prize “The Public’s Favorite Show” went to the French team lead by Damien Fontaine.

More than 65.000 people came to see the shows and, after the event, thousands of pictures and videos were uploaded on social networks and hundreds of news covered it worldwide.


Tomato Production (Czech Republic)

SevenZero (Poland)

MaxIn10sity (Hungary)

Les Ateliers Nomad  (Romania)

Damien Fontaine (France)