iMapp Bucharest is finalist in the “AV IN ACTION” category of AV AWARDS from London!

Initiated by iMapp Bucharest – one of the most important video mapping events worldwide, organized by Bucharest Municipality, through Creart, the international solidarity campaign “One World. One Heart.” – which took place this year, in the global quarantine generated by the coronavirus pandemic, is finalist at AV AWARDS from London, in the “AV IN ACTION” category. This is the second nomination for iMapp Bucharest at the AV Awards, in 2016 the event being designated a finalist in the “Live Event of the Year” category.

AV AWARDS is a renowned international competition, designed to recognise and reward excellence across the audio visual industry, organized by AV MAGAZINE from Great Britain, a publication that has been an authority in the field of audio visual reviews for more than 40 years, enjoying recognition both in Europe and abroad.

In light of the pandemic, which has impacted the AV world and beyond, the AV Magazine team wanted to highlight the incredible innovation and ingenuity they have seen from the AV community throughout this period. They, therefore, introduced a new category – the “AV in Action”, where the event iMapp Bucharest is finalist this year, along with: CIE Group, Clevertouch, Harman, NowSignage, One Digital Signage, Phoenix Audio and Unilumin.

The winner of the “AV IN ACTION” award will be nominated by public vote from among the eight international finalists, and will be announced at the AV AWARDS virtual ceremony on November 20th, 2020.

VOTE for iMapp Bucharest until November 4th and send Romania on the podium of one of the most important international competitions dedicated to the audio visual industry in the world!

About the international solidarity campaign “One World. One Heart.”

During a time of social distancing and global quarantine, in the international context of coronavirus pandemic, iMapp Bucharest, one of the most important video mapping events worldwide, launched an artistic initiative with the only goal of spreading a global message of solidarity and hope.

The 6th edition of iMapp Bucharest – Winners League took place in 2019 under the motto “One Map. Different Journeys”. Maybe, for the first time in our recent history, the whole world is confronted with the same threat, so different journeys and experiences became one for all.

That is why, iMapp Bucharest created a public awareness project of mutual support, implemented internationally through visual arts, that promoted the message “One World. One Heart.”: #strongertogether #staybrave #lovecandoanything.

In less than 2 weeks, 46 visual artists from 27 countries joined the initiative by creating – pro bono – 10 sec 3D animations, starting from the same visual template – a heart, emphasizing through creative force, the message of the global solidarity campaign.

The artworks were reunited into a single video that was simultaneously projected, on April 17th, 2020, on façades from all over the world: Bucharest (Romania), Budapest (Hungary), Lyon (France), Kyiv (Ukraine), Paris (France), Moscow (Russia), Monterrey (Mexico), Seattle (U.S.A.), Asker (Norway).

Cities from other countries joined the effort, even in quarantine times. iMapp Bucharest was supported by light festivals, private initiatives or renowned artists, like Sila Sveta, who couldn’t stay apart and made the projection even from their own balcony. Other 4 international projects from Mexico, China and UK decided to join forces and to integrate the video into their campaigns, promoting its message internationally.


The public awareness project of the mutual support – „One World. One Heart.” was made pro bono by the artists involved and it was technically and logistically supported by partners, without costs from the budget of Bucharest Municipality or from Creart.


Vote for iMapp Bucharest at AV AWARDS until November 4, 2020!

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46 VISUAL ARTISTS INVOLVED IN THE PROJECT: Roman Gomes (Argentina); UML, Haselbusch (Austria); John Sabbat (Brazil); AVA Animation (Canada); GongZhen (China); Michal Nárovec – Zuckmantel postproduction s.r.o (Czech Republic); Nader Kamel (Egypt); Jeremy Oury, AV Exciters (France); EVM from (Germany/Ukraine); Limelight, Maxin10sity, Kaizer Vilmos (Hungary); Studio Trika (India); LZYVISUAL (Indonesia); Marco Morgese, Michele Pusceddu, Alice Felloni, Luca Nicolosi (Italy); Flightgraf, Sunnana inc. (Japan); Neba Studio (Macao); NullPixel, PANORAMICA PROSHOW, Dux Animation (Mexico); René and Andrzej, Luna Festival (Netherlands); MOJO Studio, OUT Collective (Portugal); Mindscape Studio, MotionLab, Les Ateliers Nomad (Romania); radugadesign, Illuminarium 3000 (Russia); Romera, Chema Siscar, Ángel Sandimas, VPM (Spain); Subjeck Matter, From Object to Studio (Thailand); Magic Innovations, DizArt, Julia Shamsheieva (Ukraine); George Berlin, Jorden Nash (U.S.A.).

With the support of: BCR George. First intelligent banking.
Visual art curator: Maxin10sity
Video integrator: 360Revolution
With the support of: Parlamentul Romaniei – Camera Deputatilor