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Exceptional shortlist for iMapp Bucharest 2016

iMapp Bucharest 2016, one of the biggest 3D multimedia shows in the world, organized by creart – The Center for Creation, Art and Tradition of the Municipality of Bucharest, has announced its shortlist for the third edition of the festival!

iMapp Bucharest stands for video projections on the second largest administrative building in the world, more than 104 projectors used, 23.000 square meters of projection surface, over 2.000.000 ANSI lumens and one huge stage. Each year, in September, the best video artists in the world showcase their work on the façade of the Palace of Parliament, in front of a large audience.

Video mapping uses a complex 3D image, that brings to life the surface of the building by forms and colours, using each architectonic element in order to personalize and reshape the gigantic area of the construction. Thus, the “outline” of the building becomes the main protagonist of a dynamic show of sound, colour, light, a true optical illusion.

The 6 creative teams that will showcase their work on 24 of September 2016 were selected by the previous edition’s jury, led by Jean François Zurawik. They are from Montenegro, Spain, Turkey, Romania, Russia and Hungary.


Filip Roca – Montenegro

Art director, motion and new media artist, currently based in Barcelona, originally from Montenegro. Best award in professional category on International Mapping Festival in Girona, Spain, 2015.


Romera Diseño e Infografia SL – Spain

Romera was born in Madrid, in 1998, specializing in post-production and graphics work. Over the years, it has grown to participate in complex projects linked to video mapping sector all around the world, becoming an industry benchmark.


VOID – Turkey

Void is an Istanbul based independent creative group. Their international A/V performances got numerous awards in Linz, Budapest, Milan, New Mexico, Russia and they are featured 4 times in Ars Elektronika.


Mindscape Studio – Romania

Mindscape Studio is a multimedia and creative technology studio, from Bucharest, specialized in projection mapping, event visual design, interactive environments and installations.


Illuminarium3000 – Russia

A friendly, even familial creative team from Saint Petersburg. Their work featured in numerous projects in the Commonwealth of Independent States and also at international events as Eurovision.


Limelight – Hungary

No mapping clichés but storytelling unique 3D animation content, combined with 15 years of experience, makes the Hungarian team, Limelight one of the leading group of artists on the 3d projection mapping scene.


The creative concept of this edition of the contest will be “DIALOGUES”. In 2016, the biggest video mapping show in the world will be about interactions. We imagine the show as a brilliant conversation between the Palace of Parliament and the tens of thousands of people in front of it. Deep and meaningful images will build up a powerful connection between artists and the public.


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iMapp Bucharest is an event organized by the Municipality of Bucharest through creart – the Center for Creation, Art and Tradition; 360 Revolution as the Event Production Company and Maxin10sity as the Curator.

creart – Centre for Creation, Art and Tradition is a public service of culture subordinated to the Municipality of Bucharest, which has the mission to fulfill the cultural needs of the community through offering various cultural products and services that promote romanian values: national and international festivals, competitions, exhibitions, fairs, seminars, civic education contests, workshops and cultural, artistic, methodological and professional exchanges with similar institutions from Romania and abroad.

The activity of this institution revolves around the promotion and capitalization of cultural tourism mirrored by local-interest, such as customs, popular traditions and Romanian cultural values, and also around stimulating creativity in all cultural genres: literature, music, popular and plastic art, photography and art cinema.

360 Revolution – For the last 9 years, 360 Revolution has reinvented the market in Romania in the field of developing, organizing and implementing events. Its mission is to create spectacular experiences at an emotional, but also at a functional level, in a relevant and useful way for the desired objectives, integrating digital interaction with live complex solutions.

Maxin10sity – is a worldwide top level video mapping and production studio. The company founders are László Czigány and Andras Sass, artists that are specialized in 3D mapping and awarded at the most important festivals in this creative field, together with Tamás Vaspöri, specialist with a large experience in curating and promoting interactive visual arts.


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