stillMapp Bucharest 2017

stillMapp Award: Livia Zaharia
Our warmest congratulations go to Livia Zaharia, for submitting one of the best entries in the history of stillMapp, a photo competition that is part of iMapp Bucharest, where anyone can enter with a still image mapped on the façade of the Palace of Parliament.


The stillMapp Bucharest 2017 Picture Competition is organized by creart – the Center for Creation, Art and Tradition of the Municipality of Bucharest, 360 Revolution as the Event Production Company and Maxin10sity as the Art Curator.

The organizers decide that this competition will be held with the aim of promoting the interaction between International and Romanian artists and the local culture, therefore participants can be residents of any country within the European Union.


Theme equals with the topic of the whole event: ABOVE AND BEYOND

Exploration is the key concept of iMapp 2017.

“To boldly go where no one has gone before.” Above & Beyond.

A visual journey above the horizon, among stars and galaxies or beyond the molecular structure. Or a luxuriant phantasy of jungle vegetation. Maybe a deep dive into the oceanic abyss.

Or all of the above. And beyond any of it!

The visual content can be conceptual or figurative, realistic or symbolic. It can fit a very abstract approach of the artist or it can be a part of a narrative puzzle.

With iMapp Bucharest, we celebrate the artistic and cultural life of our city.

While we believe in the freedom of artistic expression, we do not condone any kind of political statement or social activism and we strongly advise against any offensive content of the shows.


Any resident of any country within the European Union can apply for this competition with the following requirements:

  • one still picture
  • PNG format
  • 7680×2000 resolution

The submission should be sent to the following email address:

We kindly ask you to use the given reference picture that can be downloaded from here.

Deadline: 10th of September 2017, 23:59 EET

Those entries that will be sent after the given date will be rejected automatically.


The competition is open to all natural persons regardless of their profession, age, sex, people can enter the competition either individually or as a team.

One person or team can enter the competition with more works.

The competition is open to both professionals and amateurs.

Entrants can only enter the competition with their own, original work. In that case, anybody enters the competition with work other than that of their own, the entry will be rejected and the person will be disqualified immediately. Should it be discovered only after the competition, the entrant will be stripped of his/her honors and the prize will have to be returned. Upon completing the registration form entrants declare that the work submitted by them is their own intellectual property, and warrant that it does not infringe the intellectual property rights of any third party.

It is strictly forbidden to embed any real or fictitious advertisements in the work either overtly or in a covert way, i.e. it is forbidden to feature any product, brand, name, logo or recognizable image, or text, etc. (with the exception of the inscription on the façade of the building), and/or any mark or symbol suggesting whose work it is. Furthermore any compromising, harming message such as politics, delinquency or pornography is prohibited.

Entries that do not meet these requirements will be rejected automatically.

Furthermore, all the artists need to give the Organizers the right to project their work, this year and the next one on the Palace and to use it in the communication materials of the event.

Selection terms

Art Curator will be Maxin10sity who decides about the best works.

Considered details:

  • Creative conception
  • technique
  • implementation


By submitting an entry for this competition, each contestant agrees to all the terms specified in this brief.


A prize of €1000 will be awarded for the best entry.

The winner is designated by the official jury of iMapp Bucharest 2017

The best pictures will be projected during the iMapp Bucharest 2017 competition onto the façade of the Palace of Parliament, Bucharest.